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MPPT is one of the most creative and fastest growing television production companies in all of Los Angeles. Producers of the #1-rated A & E Biography Channel series My Ghost Story, MPPT utilizes smart narrative, crisp editing and multilayered sound design to create compelling, visually stunning reality programming. Founded by Mark Phillips in 1997, MPPT has built a reputation as a versatile and innovative television content creator with the ability to deliver high quality shows in a cost-effective manner.  

Our fearless approach to producing means we’ll take on the challenging terrain and subject matter that other companies shy away from. MPPT fields one of the strongest teams of reality producers anywhere, which allows us to take any idea, large or small, documentary or reality, and turn it into must-see TV.



Mark Phillips
Hudie Ayalon
Jesse Russell
Courtney Mckenna Armstrong
Eric anderson
Del Adey Jones


Mark Phillips: Following a lengthy career as a writer, developer and producer on series such as Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, Inside: Predator Task Forceand Swat USA California, Mark Phillips founded MPPT in 1997. The company quickly announced its presence with groundbreaking series such as It Takes Two, Lie Detector, and most recently with the smash A & E Biography series My Ghost Story. Phillips began his career in Canada, where he held the position of Director of Program Development at Columbia Pictures Television Canada; he also served as Producer of the syndicated public affairs program Under Attack, a position he held at the age of 21. Phillips also worked as a Producer on the show Confrontation and as a Supervising Producer for The Alphabet of Life, a dramatic reality strip. In 2004, Phillips was the Developer and Executive Producer for the re-launch of the TV Guide Network, specifically a six-day a week, one-hour reality magazine entitled What’s On. Phillips was born in Durham County, England. After moving to Canada, he studied drama and journalism at Humber College and Humanities at York University in Toronto, Canada. He received his BA in Communications from Loyola Marymount University. In 1993, Phillips received his MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and an International Certificate from Loyola Marymount Graduate School of Business.




Hudie Ayalon: Hudie Ayalon has worked creatively in the television industry for more than 30 years as a producer, editor, cameraman—always with an unwavering focus on delivering quality entertainment programming. In 1982, shortly after graduating from the American Film Institute Conservatory, Hudie began his career as a news cameraman, covering stories in Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. He proceeded to produce, shoot and edit music videos, commercials, image videos and TV programs in Israel and USA. Hudie’s first experience in reality television was on the syndicated series Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, where as a show finisher he worked side by side with Mark Phillips of MPPT. Hudie went on to work as an editor on numerous reality series such as Worst Case Scenario, Average Joe, Lie Detector, Wild n’ Out, Celebrity Fit Club, A Shot at Love, Nashville Star and many other programs. In 2008, Hudie once again joined forces with Mark Phillips to produce the TV series My Ghost Story, now in its third season with more than 70 episodes.





Jesse Russell: Jesse Russell is currently the Co-Executive Producer of My Ghost Story on A & E Bio. Since taking a leading role on the series, Jesse’s editorial guidance and artistic vision have helped transform the ground-breaking show into a ratings juggernaut. Under each season of Jesse’s direction, the show has shattered Bio ratings records. After graduating with a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon, Jesse took an unconventional path into reality television, including a risky detour to Iran to write and produce an independent documentary film. Jesse landed his first job in reality TV working as a field producer on the NBC show Home Delivery. In the last 10 years, Jesse has worked as a producer on numerous network and top-tier cable shows such as Hell’s Kitchen (Fox), Nashville Star (NBC) and Design Star (HGTV). In 2010, Jesse joined MPPT, where along with show running My Ghost Story, he is a member of the development team.







Courtney Mckenna Armstrong: For the past decade, Courtney Mckenna Armstrong has worked as a nationally-syndicated columnist, development producer and television producer for top-tier cable networks such as E! Entertainment and MTV. As a producer, Courtney has worked on everything from celebrity documentaries to consumer news programs to survival shows such as I Survived. Courtney first worked with Mark Phillips in 2004 on the TV series Lie Detector. In 2009, Courtney re-joined the company for the A&E Biography series My Ghost Story, where she is currently serving as a Supervising Producer as well as a member of the development team. Courtney graduated with a Masters in Screen & Television Writing from the University of Southern California.








Eric Anderson: Eric Anderson has written and produced content for some of the most prestigious shows on broadcast and cable television, including Amazing Race (CBS), Fame (NBC), Starting Over (NBC Syndication) Ice Road Truckers (History), Lock Up: Extended Stay (MSNBC) and numerous other prime-time series. In 2007, Eric created the concept and pilot The Bodyguard, for the Oxygen network. In 2001, as an executive producer for BET, Eric created the smash lifestyle series How I’m Living. In 2000, as a supervising producer for World of Wonder Productions in Los Angeles, Eric supervised the creation of the hit VH1 music series 20 to 1. Eric’s other credits include writing and producing documentaries for Nat Geo TV, Tru-TV, History, Animal Planet, American Movie Classics, Speed, E! Entertainment, Discovery, Discovery Health, PBS and TLC. Eric is currently a senior producer on My Ghost Story. Eric holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley.






Del Adey-Jones: Del Adey-Jones has been serving as the Executive in charge of production at MPPT since 2010, as well as a member of the development team. After completing her studies at the Wrexham School of Art and De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, Del’s thirst for knowledge and adventure led her on a two-year odyssey, travelling throughout Europe before eventually settling for an exciting and extensive career in the USA. Arriving in Hollywood in the mid 1980’s, when all things British were in vogue, she quickly found herself working side by side with great creative forces such as Nicholas Roeg, Alan Parker, Norman Seeff, Adrian Lyne, David Ashwell, Herb Ritts, and William Dear. After a long and fulfilling stint in commercials, feature films and music videos, Del took time off to raise her two sons, while continuing to pursue her artist ambitions as a successful Painter and Metaphysical Life Coach.

Del received her Masters in Spiritual Psychology from USM in 2008 before getting back to her first love – TV and film productions.


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